Dipl.-Ing. Friedhelm Albrecht

1954 born in Buxtehude
1977-1984 Technical University Braunschweig: Studies of Civil Engineering
1984-1988 Construction Manager, Building Engineer, Structural engineer
1988-1993 Technical University Hamburg-Harburg: Scientific Assistant
1991-1993 University of applied science Buxtehude: Teaching Assignment steel work
Since 1994 Partner at the engineering office KramerAlbrecht
Since 1998 Member of the Chamber of engineering in Hamburg, Nr. 38
Since 2000 Inspection Engineer for static construction
Since 2001 State-approved expert for constructional inspections
Since 2002 Surveyor acc. to water resources law (VAwS)
2004-2005 University of applied science Nordostniedersachsen (Buxtehude): Teaching Assignment masonry construction
Since 2007 General Manager at KramerAlbrecht Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG