Dipl.-Ing. Friedhelm Albrecht
Inspection engineer for structural engineering (specialisation in solid construction and metal construction)

1954 born in Buxtehude
1977-1984 Technical University Braunschweig: Studies of Civil Engineering
1984-1988 Construction Manager, Building Engineer, Structural engineer
1988-1993 Technical University Hamburg-Harburg: Scientific Assistant
1991-1993 University of applied science Buxtehude: Teaching Assignment steel work
Since 1994 Partner at the engineering office KramerAlbrecht
Since 1998 Member of the Chamber of engineering in Hamburg, Nr. 38
Since 2001 State-approved expert for constructional inspections
Since 2002 Surveyor acc. to water resources law (VAwS)
2004-2005 University of applied science Nordostniedersachsen (Buxtehude): Teaching Assignment masonry construction
Since 2007 General Manager at KramerAlbrecht Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG